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Bestway Flowclear Pool Cover 396 cm - Keep Your Pool Clean and Protected

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Color: Black


Protect Your Pool From Debris with Bestway Flowclear Pool Cover

Keep your pool clean and free from debris with the Bestway Flowclear Pool Cover 396 cm. This pool cover is designed to prevent leaves, dirt, and other debris from entering your pool, keeping it clean and ready for swimming.

Key Features:

  • Practical Holes: The pool cover features small holes that prevent water from accumulating on the cover, ensuring that the water continues to breathe and stays good for a longer period.
  • Firmly Attachable: Thanks to the included rope, the pool cover can be securely attached to the pool sides. It stays in place even when the wind blows, keeping both the cover and the pool secure.
  • Easy Installation and Removal: This swimming pool cover can be easily attached or removed from the pool, making it convenient to use.


  • Colour: Black
  • Material: PVC
  • Drain Holes: The cover includes drain holes to prevent water from accumulating.
  • Rope: The cover comes with a rope that allows for a secure attachment to the pool.
  • Suitable for Pools: This pool cover is suitable for pools with a diameter of 396 cm.
  • Bestway Item Number: 58292

Keep Your Pool Clean and Protected

Invest in the Bestway Flowclear Pool Cover 396 cm to keep your pool clean and protected. With its easy installation, practical holes, and secure attachment, this pool cover is a must-have for any pool owner.

- Brand : Bestway
- EAN : 6942138951721
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- Number of packages : 1
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